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G8 Game Timer (2000)

Manufacturer: Dream Green
Designer: Don Green
Ages: Any
Players: 1 to 8
Game Type: Accessories / Miscellaneous
MSRP: $ 30.00

This game is currently inactive in the TimeWellSpent Games system and is no longer for sale.


  • 1 Timer
  • Instructions for use

Manufacturer's Description

Dramaticall enhance all your games: Chess, Tic Tac Chec, Scrabble, Backgammon, Monopoly, Checkers, Go, 1-2-3 OY!, A-B-C OY! and many others with the G8 Game Timer, the only universal game timer.

- Quick set turn and game time limits for up to 8 different players.
-Individual player handicaps
-A programmable time delay for between turns for up to 59 seconds.
-Extra memory for saving start or mid-game settings. Weeks or months later you can begin with these even if the G8 has been used in the meantime.

Time Well Spent's thoughts

Can be used for many Strategy Board Games as Well!!

Other Information on G8 Game Timer

Dream Green Website - The home page for all Dream Green Products

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