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Make 5 (2007)

Manufacturer: Family Games
Designer: Jacques Zeimet
Ages: 6+
Players: 2
Time to Play: 10 Minutes
Game Type: Board
Categories: Abstract Strategy, 2-Person, On Sale
MSRP: $ 20.00

This game is currently inactive in the TimeWellSpent Games system and is no longer for sale.


  • 5-Track Ramp
  • 25 Discs
  • Travel Bag
  • Instructions (Dual level instructions for advanced players)

Manufacturer's Description

Make 5 or Break 5 in this shifty game of horizontal upheaval!
The BREAKER draws a disc from the bag and rolls it down the track. Will its final resting place block the next player from making 5?

It's now up to the MAKER to align the discs into rows of coordinated color. But think twice before you play as each move can set the discs in motion, creating better, or perhaps worse, color sequences!

With 25 discs to play, 2 players, age 6+ are tested as they try to attain their specific goal.

For high spirited fun, make it MAKE 5!

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