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Hula Hippos (2008)

Manufacturer: Gamewright
Designer: Heinz Meister
Ages: 5+
Players: 2 to 4
Time to Play: 10 Minutes
Game Type: Boardless, Dexterity / Action
Categories: Kids
MSRP: $ 12.00

This game is currently inactive in the TimeWellSpent Games system and is no longer for sale.


  • 24 Wooden Hippos
  • 1 Wooden Hoop
  • Rules of Play

Manufacturer's Description

A Fast Finger-Flicking Game:

Get ready for hippo hoopla!

In this simple fast-action game, sping the hula-hoop and then quickly flick your wooden hoppos so that they end up inside the hoop when its stops spinning. The first player to get four hippos into the hoop wins. Finger-Flicking Fun!

Time Well Spent's thoughts

This is basically the same game as Mouse in the House by Haba Games. Haba no longer makes the game, but Gamewright now has the game and rethemed it.
The game is priced much better!

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