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Stormy Seas

Manufacturer: Think Fun
Designer: Harry Nelson, Hiroshi Yammamoto
Ages: 8+
Players: 1
Time to Play: 5 to 30 Minutes
Game Type: Puzzle
Categories: Educational, On Sale
MSRP: $ 10.00

This game is currently inactive in the TimeWellSpent Games system and is no longer for sale.

Part of the Rush Hour Series

Which includes:


  • PuzzleBoard
  • 8 Special Color-Coded Sliders
  • 9 Boats (8 Blocking Boats, 1 Red Boat (yours))
  • 40 Puzzle Challenge Cards ranging from beginner to expert
  • Instructions

Manufacturer's Description

Welcome Aboard Stormy Seas BrainTeaser Puzzle!
The object is simple... move the red boat through the channels and back to home port. AHOY MATEY! These waters are tough to navigate. A traffic jam of boats will try to block your way. Waves slide back and forth to open and close your channel. But with some smart thinking, you can steer your way home!


Games Magazine GAMES 100, Puzzle Honoree - 2000

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